Authenticating as an installation

In order to authenticate to GitHub as an installation of your GitHub App, you must use the App Installation Token authentication mechanism. This can be achieved with by creating a GitHub instance like this:

GitHub githubAuthAsInst = new GitHubBuilder()

How do I create an App Installation Token?

Assuming that you followed the GitHub App Authentication via JWT token guide then you can create the App Installation Token like this:

String jwtToken = createJWT("44435", 600000); //sdk-github-api-app-test
GitHub gitHubApp = new GitHubBuilder().withJwtToken(jwtToken).build();
GHAppInstallation appInstallation = gitHubApp.getApp().getInstallationById(111111); // Installation Id

Map<String, GHPermissionType> permissions = new HashMap<>();
permissions.put("pull_requests", GHPermissionType.WRITE);

GHAppInstallationToken appInstallationToken = appInstallation
// Or

GHAppInstallationToken appInstallationToken = appInstallation.createToken().create();