Class AbuseLimitHandler

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      • AbuseLimitHandler

        public AbuseLimitHandler()
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      • onError

        public abstract void onError​(IOException e,
                                     HttpURLConnection uc)
                              throws IOException
        Called when the library encounters HTTP error indicating that the API abuse limit is reached.

        Any exception thrown from this method will cause the request to fail, and the caller of github-api will receive an exception. If this method returns normally, another request will be attempted. For that to make sense, the implementation needs to wait for some time.

        e - Exception from Java I/O layer. If you decide to fail the processing, you can throw this exception (or wrap this exception into another exception and throw it).
        uc - Connection that resulted in an error. Useful for accessing other response headers.
        IOException - on failure
        See Also:
        API documentation from GitHub, Dealing with abuse rate limits